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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

SharkID - Refer Once & Earn Forever Daily Earn RS 25000 (INDIA)

Refer Once & Earn Forever is the best referral offer so far from ID, the Trusted Social Phone book.  This is how you can earn Rs.25,305 by referring just 15 friends. Offer starts from 23 June 2018. 

You earn Rs. 7 every time you network refers.
For example If you, your friends & their friends refer 3 friends each, your network would add 39 referrals At average earning of Rs. 7/referral, you will earn Rs. 273. Yes, you get paid for every referral made by your network. 

Refer 15 Friends in a year & earn Rs. 25,305.
In this offer we expect a new user to refer 15 friends in 1 year period. 3 friend in first month & 1 Friend every month thereafter. Old users who have referred 3 friends in past have to refer just 1 friend/month. Easy, right?

How To Get ID For Earn Forever And Win Paytm Cash
1. Download This App Click Here
2. Register With Your Valid Mobile Number
3. Create Your ID Card With Correct Detail
4. Download Via Referral Link To Create ID Click Here

How to Refer?
Ask your friends to install ID using your referral link only Click Here. After making the call from ID, send them Whatsapp invite. Please tell them about 20 features of ID that makes ID the Trusted Social Phonebook. Click to know 20 features of ID app.

If you have 1000 contacts in your phonebook & each of your friend has 500 unique contacts in their phonebook your 2nd-degree contacts (Friend of Friends) is massive 5 Lakh People. And your 3rd degree is huge 25 Cr people.  With ID, the social phonebook on 3rd call you can reach anyone on the planet. SID is auto-updating phonebook that needs no backup. It even tells you who has saved your mobile number. To install ID Now Click Here

OFFER END : 21st June 2019

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